Canyon Dreams Diffuser Blend


This is a recipe for my favorite nighttime blend. Even though wild orange can be used as a pick me up, it is surprisingly calming! Try out this combination and tell me what you think.

My husband and I bought this canyon painting at a vintage store called Mod 50s Modern in Tulsa. They sell several artworks made by Oklahomans.

Over a year ago we saw this paint-by-numberish canyon painting and both really loved it. It was pricey, so we regretfully passed it up. Last week during spring break, our daughter went to her aunt and uncle’s house for the afternoon to play with her cousin, so we went on a date and returned to Mod 50s Modern to look for a piece of art for our home. We were thrilled that the painting was still there! And the shop owner offered to take off 50% for us. We were pumped! I have been staring at it every time I pass it in my house.

Canyons are symbolic to me of the beauty of authenticity and vulnerability. When we expose the layers of our history and who we are it reveals deep truths about life that we can appreciate and will help lead us. I am thankful for this painting now as a reminder to be brave!



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